The Blend and Properties
Tonic Australia's Infusion Tea is a luxurious blend of pure, organic ingredients carefully selected to provide the ultimate tea experience. The delicate blend of traditional Japanese Sencha green tea, fragrant Egyptian rose petals, fresh Spanish citrus peel and lush North American berries create a fragrant, soothing tea. Each cup of Infusion Tea contains valuable antioxidant and anti-aging properties that rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind and revive the soul.

Sencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea is a delicate Japanese tea that is traditionally steamed to produce a fresh, aromatic flavour. Blended with organic ingredients it lends a delicate floral aroma to Infusion Tea that satisfies and cleanses the palate.

Green tea provides a wealth of health benefits and it is no surprise that it was initially used for medicinal purposes in ancient China. Arriving on the shores of Japan in the 9th century, it has since been greatly coveted by the Japanese and become a daily ritual throughout the country. Sencha Green tea is an integral part of the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony known as sado, or "way of the tea".

The richly coloured Sencha tealeaves possess naturally occurring antioxidants that combat dangerous free radicals that may cause heart disease and cancer. These antioxidants also assist in healthy digestion and blood purification.

The abundance of Japanese Sencha found in each container of Tonic Infusion Tea will not only cleanse and detoxify the body but clear the head, the mind and the eyes. Incorporate Infusion Tea into your daily ritual to maintain health, tranquillity and peace of mind.

Egyptian Rose

Egyptian rose petals lend a fragrant, refreshing quality to Infusion Tea, purifying the body and the heart. The essence of rose is proven to be an exceptional anti-aging treatment, cleansing and replenishing the skin.

The rose has been coveted throughout history as a symbol of beauty, wealth and love. The rose itself is as old as time, however it is believed it was first cultivated in Egypt during the 4th century BC. Since this time the Egyptian rose has been sought after throughout the world. Nero, Emperor of Rome paid 1 tonne of gold for a shipment of Egyptian rose petals and Cleopatra welcomed Mark Anthony in a sea of sensuous petals. As far back as ancient Egypt the age-defying qualities of rose petals was realised and women used the luxurious bloom in perfumes and baths to preserve their youth and beauty.

Modern research has led us to realise what the Egyptians have coveted for centuries. The active ingredient in rose petals improves lymphatic flow and repairs capillaries, replenishing the skin from the inside. Infusion Tea is carefully designed to provide you with the perfect blend of Egyptian rose petals and other organic ingredients to repair and sustain radiant skin. Infusion Tea sooths the heart, promotes tranquillity, clears the mind and maintains a beautifully clear complexion.

Spanish Citrus Peel

Infusion Tea contains only the finest citrus peel from the lush groves of the remote Spanish countryside. The zest of plump, quality lemons is blended with the tea not only to enhance the flavour but to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Throughout history citrus has been used for medicinal purposes more that any other fruit crop and is renowned for its high content of vitamin C.

Spain boasts some of the finest orchards in the world. Noted for its richly fertile soil and Mediterranean climate, Spain contains a wealth of superior citrus groves, producing the most exceptional fruits in the region.

Spanish citrus peel releases essential oil throughout Infusion Tea, cleansing the palate, calming the body and refreshing the mind.

North American Berries

Tonic Australia incorporates a mixture of rich, plump North American berries into its Infusion Tea to create a subtle fruity quality that refreshes the body and delights the senses.

From the organic berry farms of North America Tonic Australia uses only premium hand picked berries, seasonally ripened to perfection. Our carefully prepared blend of tea contains the perfect balance of elderberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, black currents and hawthorn berries to bring you the ultimate taste sensation.

North American berries not only give Infusion Tea a delicate, aromatic flavour but they possess a wealth of therapeutic qualities. For the best therapeutic result we combine both the berries and the valuable leaves and stems, renowned for their curative properties. For centuries berries and their useful counterparts have been used for medicinal purposes and these beneficial qualities hold true today. Organically grown berries posses powerful antioxidant properties, promoting a healthy heart and body. Moreover the natural berry fruit and leaves improve detoxification and promote healthy circulation to the skin, thus keeping your eyes and complexion clear and vibrant.

This is the orginal Tonic Infusion Signature Blend