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Welcome to Fresh News at Tonic. We aim to keep you up to date with the latest health news and views from around the world.
Premature births 31/1/2008
Premature births lower in women taking folic acid more...
Season of Conception Tied to School Performance 8/5/2007
The time of year a woman conceives may influence the future academic performance of her child, according to research reported this week at the Paediatric Academic Societies' annual meeting. more...
Male and Female Alcohol Intake and Miscarriage Risks 14/12/2006
Authors studied the association between female and male alcohol intakes at the time of conception and the risk of spontaneous abortion, including early pregnancy loss. more...
Caffeine and Fertility- a Devilish Duo 13/12/2006
Caffeine has an impact on reducing fertility, according to Lancet Study. more...
Alcohol, Coffee and Infertility- the Real Links 11/12/2006
Alcohol and coffee consumption- just give it up if you are tyring to conceive. Several studies clearly demonstrate the string link between reduced conception rate, alcohol and coffee. You have to wonder, if that glass of wine or late really worth it?? more...
Caesarean puts next Pregnancy at Risk 11/10/2006
A caesarean birth could affect the placenta's ability to support the next pregnancy to term more...
Gettting Enough Iodine? 13/7/2006
Iodine deficience is extreamly prevalent and deficiency can affect reproductive health of women, intellectual developement of children and incease risks of cancer. more...
The Moon's Infleunce on Fertility 3/4/2006
Lunar Fertility. more...
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