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Tonic Australia offers a specialized Natural Fertility Management Program that provides safe, effective and essential treatment for parents- to-be during preconception, pregnancy and leading to the birth of a healthy baby. Tonic founder, Angela Hywood, recognises the benefits of conscious planning for this most important decision in life, and has built a reputation as a specialist Fertility practitioner at the renowned Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management in Sydney. The Jocelyn Centre takes a new approach to planning for a family, offering support to couples seeking the healthiest start to life for their baby and treatment for couples experiencing fertility problems. The centre, established in 1975, is recognised for its groundbreaking achievement in natural contraception, treatments for fertility problems and preconception health care for healthy pregnancies and babies using natural medicines, detoxification, nutrition and stress management.

From her practice at the Jocelyn Centre, Angela provides couples with an individually tailored program using natural medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes, cycle and timing strategies and education on non-invasive and effective self-management of fertility. As part of Tonic Australia’s commitment to integrative health, Angela incorporates beneficial aspects of modern medicinal practices to complement the natural therapeutic approach to achieving a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth.

For fathers-to-be, Natural Fertility Management introduces essential supplements that have been clearly demonstrated to strengthen sperm parameters, overcome infertility issues and decrease the chances of birth defects. For mothers-to-be, Natural Fertility Management introduces treatments and supplements that have been proven in traditional and modern medicinal use for their ability to relax and de-stress, balance hormonal changes, nourish and tone the uterus and create optimum fertility and resilience for the rest of the body.

Tonic Australia’s Natural Fertility Management Program is the very first step in the creation of excellent genetic health for your new family.

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