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NFM Contraception Kit

"Your healthy contraception choice"
Francesca Naish and Jane Bennett

The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit guides you through the practical steps that will assist you to avoid conception and practice natural contraception. You will learn to understand how and when your body is fertile, and how best to avoid conception at these times. Once these methods are learnt, you can apply them for the rest of your fertile life. If, and when, your needs change, you can use them to prepare for and consciously conceive a healthy baby.

In your Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit you will learn to recognise the unmistakable signs of fertility that recur with each menstrual cycle and, through charting them, become aware of patterns of change in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and other symptoms. You will also learn how to combine this with your personal bio-rhythmic lunar cycle, to optimise your ability to avoid conception. You can then choose what to do for the few days each month that you are fertile.

The methods you will learn through using this kit have been shown to be as reliable as any other form of contraception. Various studies give effectiveness rates of between 97% and 99.8%, when used correctly. It is important that you are aware that no method of contraception is 100% effective, and that no guarantee can be given in individual cases.

Natural Fertility Management can be used by any woman, whether or not her cycles are regular, and at any stage of her fertile life. All that is required is motivation and a healthy curiosity about her own body.

Some Advantages of NFM methods for Contraception

  • No side effects
  • Easy to apply
  • Increased awareness of your own fertility and cycles
  • No reliance on drugs or devices
  • Reduced use of barrier methods (where infection is not a concern)
  • Appropriate for all women
  • Regularity is not essential
  • Applicable when coming off the Pill, breastfeeding and during perimenopause
  • No dangers to future fertility, pregnancies or children
  • Can also be used to improve your chances of conception.

The Methods

The Natural Fertility Management Kit teaches you to identify your fertile times through observing and interpreting the:

  • changes in your cervical mucus
  • body-at-rest (basal) temperature readings.

This enables you to know when you are fertile in your hormonal cycle. The effectiveness of these methods is enhanced by also observing your bio-rhythmic lunar cycle.

This enables you to identify the times when an additional, spontaneous ovulation may occur. These times will be calculated for you (when you send in your personal lunar calculation order card), and your workbook will explain how to combine this information with the mucus and temperature methods.

The Kit contains:

A copy of Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish.

Your NFM workbook for Effective, Natural Contraception that includes:

  • full instructions for learning the methods
  • 12 cycle charts for recording observations
  • diet guidelines for reproductive health.

A CD which contains:

  • Track 1- An introduction to NFM by Francesca Naish
  • Track 2- Relaxation, visualisation and suggestions for confidence and motivation while you are learning these methods, and to help to synchronise your lunar and hormonal cycles. This will reduce your total number of fertile days and help to regulate your cycle.

A fertility thermometer.

An order card for your personal lunar calculations and moon calendars for five years - at no further cost to you.

A time machine (for adjusting your personal lunar calculations to different time zones when travelling).


Please note that no method of contraception is 100% effective.
No guarantee can be given that contraception will be effective in individual cases.


"I have been amazed by how easy it has been to observe my fertility cycles. I can't imagine how I never noticed before! It has made such a difference to my confidence and our sex life. Contraception was meant to be easy." M.G. - Kenmore (Brisbane)

"I congratulate you on the beautiful, simple and yet powerful methods of natural fertility management. As I embark on using these methods I have a great sense of enjoyment and adventure. It has put another important piece of life's jigsaw together. Thank you." M.S. - Mount Barker (Adelaide)

"The rewards of using this method have extended well beyond feeling confident about contraception. It has opened up a whole new understanding of my body, and given me great peace of mind." B.A. - South Yarra (Melbourne)

"I knew there had to be a better way!" M.V. - San Francisco (USA)

Price: AUD $176.00 (GST. Included)

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