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NFM Conception Kit

Preparing to conceive a child is a very special time. Natural Fertility Management offers you a way to optimise your chances of achieving a natural, healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

The NFM Conception Kit teaches your unmistakable signs of fertility, which you can easily learn to observe and interpret.

  • You are only fertile for a few days each cycle. Once you have learnt to identify these days you will be able to use this information to optimise the timing of your conception attempts.
  • Preconception health care practiced by both parents for four months before conception, to enable healthy generation of sperm and maturation of eggs, can help you to improve your fertility and your chances of a healthy conception.
  • Studies show a 78 - 81% success rate in overcoming fertility problems when couples practice preconception health care as well as timing their conception attempts.
  • Even if you have a fertility problem which necessitates the use of assisted reproductive technology (IVF etc.), preconception health care will still give you a significant advantage (a recent study showed a doubling of IVF conception rates).

Price: AUD $176.00 (GST. Included)
NFM Contraception Kit

Natural Fertility Management offers you contraception that is healthy and natural.

Studies show a range of success rates for the methods described in this kit as between 97% and 99.8%, when used correctly.

Your body gives you wonderful and unmistakable signs of fertility. The NFM Contraception Kit teaches you to observe and interpret these signs in order to assist you to avoid unwanted conceptions.

  • You are only fertile for a few days each cycle. Once you have learnt to identify/ these days you will be free to have unprotected intercourse at all other times in your cycle (if infection is not a concern).
  • In the first few cycles you will learn methods that will enable you to manage your fertility throughout your fertile life.
  • Natural Fertility Management can be used by all women, whether or not their cycles are regular, and at any stage of their fertile life. All that is required for your successful use of NFM is motivation and a healthy curiosity about your own body.

Price: AUD $176.00 (GST. Included)
Relaxation CD: Better Preparation for Conception
A guided self-relaxation / meditation to help overcome fears and subconscious barriers to a healthy conception. This CD assists in preparation of the fertile mind, body and soul.  Very helpful tool for those who have are experiencing fertility issues or those preparing to conceive.
Price: AUD $38.50 (GST. Included)
Relaxation CD: Better Pregnancy
A guided self-relaxation / meditation for a healthy pregnancy. Helps overcome subconscious or conscious fears and hesitations around the journey through pregnancy.
Price: AUD $38.50 (GST. Included)
Relaxation CD: Better Birthing & Bonding
A guided self-relaxation / meditation to assist with metal, physical and emotional preparation to childbirth & bonding. Highly recommended for expectant parents.
Price: AUD $38.50 (GST. Included)
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